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Don’t be stuck driving long distances in the hot buffalo summers. Is your air conditioning not feeling as cold lately? or is there no cold air blowing in your car? You can buy cans of A/C and do it yourself but we won’t recommend it. Here’s why: Often times people have the best intentions when it comes to do it yourself project on their vehicles. But inexperience can creep in and maybe they’ll miss something as simple as getting the wrong air type for their vehicle. This can lead to premature wear on the parts and give less cold air. But that’s the least that can happen. You can actually cause thousands of dollars of damage to the air system if done incorrectly. Our experts are trained and experienced refilling A/C. We have expensive equipment that monitors every step of the procedure so that the end result is exactly what you would expect each and every time. Ice cold air! Although, sometimes a part may have to be replaced as well depending on how long the A/C has been inoperable or certain other factors but rest assured we’ll have you sitting in the cold in no time.

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