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Have you checked or looked at your hoses lately? If your most people, probably not. That being said, An automobile that has been in constant heat for long periods or is 7-10 years old can have cracking hoses and belts that will eventually fail sooner than later. A puncture cracked hose will literally stop a vehicle in its tracks. And if this happens it’s already too late. If your car is over heating, find a place to park it immediately and call us to have it towed. Driving a car while it is overheated can cause irreparable damage to your engine. Not something worth risking when you consider the cost of a new engine.

Certain timing belts need to be replaced at certain intervals. these are usually the “belt” type not the “chain” type. The ones that do need replacing are in what are called interference engines. Not that you needed to know that but if the belts are not replaced at the manufactures suggested milage, the engine could very well seize. Again leaving no choice but replaceing the engine. Let us check your belts and hoses and we’ll help keep you in your car and on the road longer.

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